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It's barbecue season

Lisa Garden on 06-06-2014

It's barbecue season and time to hone your grilling skills to the max, as all the reports are that we're going to have a great summer with long, warm evenings of al fresco dining.

Barbecues come in all shapes and sizes, so it's worth taking a look at the new range on offer in your garden centre before you commit. For ultimate flexibility, more than one outdoor cooker gives you multiple options: there's a barbecue for every dish from baked potatoes and pizzas to seared whole fish. Here are a few possibilities to whet your appetite:

Portable barbecues: Spontaneous trips to the beach suddenly got a whole lot easier. Pick up a portable or disposable barbecue from the garden centre on your way or online and all your cooking needs are packed and ready to use.

Kettle barbies: Pot-bellied stoves with hoods which fit tightly over the grill and heat the air just like an oven, so you can add roast meat, fish or baked potatoes to your menu, all with that authentic chargrilled flavour.

Outdoor pizza ovens and fire pits: Outdoor pizza ovens are usually wood-fired, these cook home-made pizzas, baking potatoes and stews to perfection. Plus the cheery warmth of an open fire means you can barbecue well into autumn.