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Lay A turf lawn in your garden this autumn

Lisa Garden on 23-10-2017

By laying a turf lawn you will achieve an instant sea of green grass that would otherwise take a while to establish itself. This way of laying a lawn is a life saver when you have children or pets who will not be able to stay off the newly planted area. When you lay a turf lawn it can be used within a few days of laying. 


When should I lay my turf lawn?

A lawn can be laid at anytime you like, but to get the best results, it should be laid when the earth is warm and dry, during the autumn. The turf will be able to quickly establish itself in the warm dry soil easier than at other times of the year. The new lawn will need plenty of watering which it will get from mother nature during the winter, as opposed to the summer months when there may be hosepipe bans.


Buying the right turf to lay in your garden with help from your local garden centre

When it comes to choosing the turf that you will lay, you can visit your local garden centre for advice. Many garden centres will grow their turf in a similar soil to the surrounding area as opposed to peat. This will allow the turf to establish itself better when it is laid on your garden soil. Different kinds of grass will work better in your area so the guys at the garden centre will be able to help you to choose the right one for you.


You will need to prepare the soil before you lay the turf for great results

Some preparation before you lay the turf is essential for a gorgeous, healthy lawn. You will need to remove any weeds and the soil should be dug to a depth of 8 – 10 inches and spread with well rotted manure to give the grass the best possible start. Ideally, the soil should be left for a while to settle for at lest a few days, the longer the better. The best laid lawns need to be flat so tread the area in different directions then rake in different directions, adding a general purpose fertiliser.



You are now ready to lay the turf and can visit your garden centre

A standard piece of turf is usually around 1 square meter. Garden centres can help you calculate the number of turfs that you will need to create your beautiful new lawn. Make sure you choose a garden centre that will deliver the turf to your door, most will. If the turf appears dry when it arrives you can sprinkle with water and stack in a shady spot until you need it. Turf should be laid the day it arrives but don't worry if it yellows a little, it will soon turn green again once it is laid. If you do not manage to lay it all, open it out and water it. You will soon have that perfect green lawn for all the family to enjoy.