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Plants that can get rid of mosquitoes for you

Lisa Garden on 06-02-2018

Mosquito infestation is an increasing problem in the UK. Plants in your garden provide the breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes, flies, etc. In order to prevent their growth, many gardeners use chemical insecticides. However, these chemical products damage plants. They pollute the environment and affect the fertility of soil. An effective alternative way of dealing with the problem is to grow fragrant mosquito repellent plants in your garden.



The pungent smell of basil leaves effectively repels mosquitoes. Moreover, essential basil oil kills off mosquito larvae. You can use basil leaves to prepare salad, soup and many chicken dishes.

Lemon Grass

Plant lemon grass in your garden if you are dealing with a mosquito infestation. It contains natural oil, citronella, whose strong smell is enough to keep mosquitoes away.This is the major reason why citronella is the major ingredient of many mosquito repellent products.


Peppermint is widely used to get rid of mosquitoes. You can grow mint plants in your garden or planters. Keep the plant pots near the entrance of your home and other spaces that are likely to incubate their growth. Combine mint essential oil with apple cider vinegar to prepare a cheap yet effective mosquito repellent solution.


Chrysanthemum plants are helpful in keeping mosquitoes, houseflies, bugs, ticks and spider mites away from your home. It is also commonly used in mosquito repellent solutions and room fresheners.



Grow some lavender plants in your backyard. Not only do these colourful flowers look attractive, they also keep many diseases at bay.You can make bouquets of lavender flowers and keep in your living room to keep mosquitoes away. Keep in mind that lavender plants need plenty of water and sunlight to stay fresh.


The beautiful rosemary plant is a natural mosquito repellent. Not only does the plant look beautiful in your garden, you can also use it as a herb in different recipes.


Garlic is a fundamental ingredient of many Asian and Italian recipes. It keeps mosquitoes away with its strong smell.Crush 2 garlic bulbs and mix with water. Add vegetable oil and liquid soap to this mixture. Spray the solution on plants to get rid of insects.

Lemon Thyme 

Lemon thyme herb doesn’t need lots of water to grow and can survive in dry conditions. It’s suitable for outdoor gardens since it requires exposure to sunlight. The plant itself doesn’t repel mosquitoes. You need to extract its oil and use it to repel mosquitoes.


The distinct odour from clove plants effectively repels mosquitoes and other insects. It is recommended to grow these plants in planters or plant pots. Since the plant cannot survive in extremely cold weather, you can easily move it to indoor spaces as and when needed.


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