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Raspberries: from planting to harvesting

Lisa Garden on 03-10-2017

Raspberries are delicious and therefore something you would like to have in your kitchen garden. Besides that, they are easy to grow and as there is an autumn fruiting variety for which it is the perfect plant to grow during this time of the year. Moreover, raspberries are extremely healthy. A few benefits of eating raspberries are:

  • they promote weight loss;
  • eating raspberries prevents macular degeneration;
  • they can prevent infections to occur and recent studies suggest that raspberries have the potential to obstruct cancer cell proliferation and tumour development in different parts of the body;
  • they strengthen the immune system as they are rich of antioxidants;
  • they can help improving fertility;
  • and much more!

Do we need to say more? Just like us, GrowVeg also believes that every garden should have raspberries. Even though it is very easy to grow and maintain raspberry plants, after watching this video you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Now, you should know when and where to grow raspberries, which compost you should use for planting raspberries, what type of raspberries you should grow, how to plant raspberry plants, how to treat the canes, and, lastly, how and when to harvest and prune the plants! All you need to know to get to work in case we convinced you to plant and grow raspberry plants!