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Preventing wind rock

30 November 2011
Preventing wind rock

Cut back Buddleja davidii by half now to prevent wind rock. Doing this will also help to prevent them looking straggly. They can then be hard-pruned again in spring to bring on new, healthy growth.

Guard woody plants

Place tree guards or chicken wire around young trees and woody shrubs that is prone to attack from rabbits, deer and squirrels. This will help prevent any damage to bark which in turn could induce diseases.

Snail hunt

Check regularly under pots, compost bags and in the greenhouse or cold frame for collections of snails and slugs. Get rid of them now to reduce the amount of trouble you may have in spring. Look out for slivery trails as a sign of these pests camping down for winter. They can still be very destructive especially if they are in your greenhouse where it is nice and warm and may not need to hibernate.

Herb care

If the weather is mild in your region it is still possible to plant perennial herbs such a sage. If not protect any already herbs, which are frost tender with fleece or bring inside.