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What to do in the garden in June

27 May 2014
What to do in the garden in June

What to do in the garden in June:

It's the longest day of the year in a few weeks' time, so make the most of those long summer evenings to bring your garden to the peak of perfection. Here are a few jobs you can be doing – but don't forget to stop sometimes and admire how lovely it all looks!

General tasks:
Mow lawns once a week, but don't scalp them too close as leaving the growth slightly longer helps grass survive dry spells.
Top up slow-release feeds, scattering handfuls of pelleted chicken manure or bonemeal to keep everything healthy.

Ornamental garden:
Hang up your baskets somewhere bright and sunny as soon as you've filled them with choice bedding from the range now on sale in your garden centre!

Stake taller plants like delphiniums before they get too big, so they're protected from damage in sudden summer storms.

Prune spring-flowering shrubs like Deutzia and Philadelphus, removing the oldest stems to encourage sturdy new growth.

Kitchen garden:
Pinch out sideshoots on tomatoes so they concentrate on producing lots of fruits for you to pick from late summer onwards.

Sow a second batch of French beans to take over when your spring-sown beans are finished, keeping you picking for longer.