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Pet supplies

Buy your pet supplies at The Vineries Garden Centre & Nursery in Leatherhead! Pet supplies are an essential part of your life with your best friend. Good pet supplies, with food that's tailored to your pet's needs, comfortable bedding and stimulating, educational toys mean a happy, healthy pet who's enjoying every moment of life with you.

At your Surrey garden centre they track down the very best quality pet supplies so you can rely on getting the quality you'd expect. They're expanding their range all the time, and cater not just for dogs and cats but also small animals, birds and reptiles, too.

Pet supplies for your four-legged friends at The Vineries Garden Centre & Nursery

Dogs and cats are the number one customers in the pet department of The Vineries Garden Centre & Nursery in Leatherhead and they offer a huge range of top quality feeds for balanced nutrition and a really tasty meal they'll love. You'll also find leading ranges of hypoallergenic pet foods for sensitive eaters and specialist feeds for working dogs, youngsters and veterans.

While you're here, treat them to a pack of healthy pet snacks – ideal for training your pet - or a new toy for your pet, lead, coat or a comfy bed.

Come and see the small animals at The Vineries Garden Centre & Nursery in Leatherhead

As well as pet supplies, the pet department is home to a collection of small animals for sale, from rabbits and guineapigs to hamsters. Bring the kids to meet their new friends before you buy, and ask the knowledgeable team of The Vineries Garden Centre & Nursery to help kit you out with all you'll need to start life with your new pet.

Small pet owners can look forward to a huge range of pet supplies at The Vineries Garden Centre & Nursery specially tailored to their needs. Need a new cage or hutch? You'll find a great range at the garden centre here in Leatherhead as well as feeders and drinkers. Keep them entertained with healthy chews specially formulated for smaller animals, plus hamster wheels, plastic pipe systems and hidey-holes to play in.

Pet supplies for exotic animals

Whatever your pet, you're sure to find pet supplies at The Vineries Garden Centre & Nursery – and that includes birds and reptiles too. Birds are well catered for, with food, cages and a huge selection of fun toys to keep them occupied and entertained – essential if you're leaving them for any length of time.

They also stock a range of unusual reptiles such as bearded dragons, geckos and snakes, and you'll find all the pet supplies you need for your unusual pets right here too including tanks, food and accessories to create a realistic environment your pet will love.  

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