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6 top benefits of kitchen gardening

Lisa Garden on 20-03-2018

Many homeowners are unaware of the benefits of kitchen gardening, which is why they tend to waste the garden space or opt for flower plants only. It’s good to plant attractive and florescent flowering plants, but you should also reserve some space for vegetables, fruits and herbs. A kitchen garden can be of varying size. You can reserve a few rows for this purpose.

Kitchen gardening is a great activity that can benefit you in various ways. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of a kitchen garden: 


1. It Requires a Little Space

Growing a kitchen garden is different from working at a farm. You don’t necessarily need to have a big plot to grow food. You can instead reserve a small area in your backyard for some vegetables, fruits or herbs. No matter how small the plot, just make sure you can take care of your plants the right way.


2. Home-Grown Food Is More Delicious

Have you ever grabbed any fresh fruits or vegetables from a plant and eaten them? You must have noticed that the fresh products have a distinguished taste that isn’t present in the items you buy at a grocery store. By growing food in your own garden, you can enjoy these delicious products on a regular basis.


3. Home-Grown Produce Is Nutritious

The food products you buy at a grocery store aren’t as fresh as they seem to be. It usually takes weeks to pick fruits or vegetables from a farm and ship them to different countries. When products are kept in frozen storage for days, they lose their nutritional value. In order to enjoy nutritious food, it’s best to grow food in your kitchen garden.


4. You Can Go Organic

Kitchen gardening allows you to go organic. Commercial farms commonly use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase the yield and keep pests at bay. However, these chemicals are harmful to your health as well as the environment. By adopting kitchen gardening, you can ensure that no chemicals are used in the garden and thereby, stay safe from their negative side-effects.


5. You Can Connect to Nature

Kitchen gardening provides you the opportunity to connect to nature like never before. It leaves a positive effect on your mental health and gives your life a purpose. By working in your garden, you can keep stress and anxiety at bay.

This is the major reason why food gardens are gaining popularity in old homes, prisons, and disability development facilities. The gardens help people stay calm and overcome the feelings of loneliness.


6. You Can Exercise Daily

Working in a garden helps you breathe in fresh air and improves your physical health. A healthy adult needs 150 minutes of aerobic activity per day. Gardening is a recommended way of meeting these requirements. You can stay active by growing your own kitchen food in your garden. 


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