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What garden fun activities can be brought to life?

Lisa Garden on 27-06-2024

Today much attention is paid to the development and organisation of leisure activities for kids in the family. The bulk of entertainment activities are intellectual and mobile games. If the family has a dacha or a homestead plot, you can organise active entertainment. This is very useful not only for children, but also for adults. The latter today prefer to spend most of their free time at the computer and other gadgets. One of the favorite ways to brighten up leisure time is gambling. In many states they are legalised. The most popular in different countries around the world, including the UK, are free 20 no deposit casino. To prevent children from getting addicted to gadgets, it is necessary to diversify home leisure time with active, exciting games.

Garden games and activities for the whole family

Garden games are great for spending time outdoors with parents. They can be played with the whole family. Playing together with children in the garden or at the cottage has many advantages. They contribute to the development of memory, thinking, attention, develop creative abilities in children. In the process of game activity, children better assimilate the necessary amount of information. In addition, mobile games help to get a lot of positive emotions and have fun. In a playful way, together with children you can tidy up the vegetable garden, decorate the house. This is very useful for health, strengthens the immune system. In the case that your own dacha is not available, you can organise such leisure time simply in the park.
Let's consider several games that can be used at home as a joint leisure activity.

The game "continuous search"

A person names a color, others name as many objects as possible around this colour. Naming objects can be done one at a time, complementing each other.

The game "sea figure"

This is a fairly common game that most children play in kindergarten, in the yard, or at school. It allows you to develop your imagination by imagining a particular sea figure. An adult reads a verse familiar to everyone:
The seawaves once,
The sea waves two,
The sea is stirring three,
and the sea figure freezes in place!
All participants move smoothly, depicting waves. As soon as the presenter finishes reading the poem, it is necessary to freeze in a pose that maximally reflects any sea creature - a skate, a star, a seagull, a seahorse, a fish, etc.

The game "Snake's Tail"

All participants line up in a row, holding each other. The first and the last are the head and tail of the snake. The task of the first is that the head catches the tail. The task of the last is to dodge, and all the others must not lose each other.
In addition to the above, such games as skittles, games with a plate, battles and pillow fights, billiards on the site, games with a ball are excellent.
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Garden as a place for rest and relaxation

Owners of homestead plots and private houses spend a lot of time outdoors. Joint entertainment allows you to relax. Such leisure has a lot of advantages not only for a child, but also for an adult. It stimulates brain activity, charging positive, positive emotions. Develops reaction speed, agility, skill, ability to quickly orientate in any situation. Games according to certain rules develop the ability to cope with the task at hand. Participants of the game learn to look for different ways to achieve the goal.
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