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What to do in the Garden in July

Lisa Garden on 02-07-2016

It’s not so much gardening as refereeing at this time of year: it’s a full-time job just keeping everything in order! Here are a few of the jobs you can be getting on with this month.

General tasks:

  • Go slug hunting on damp evenings just before dark and you’ll catch hundreds of the slimy critters. Dispose of them as you wish.
  • Before watering, loosen the soil’s surface with just the tip of a garden fork to relieve compaction and allow moisture to soak right in.

Ornamental garden:

  • Divide bearded irises and replant the youngest sections 30cm apart in free-draining soil in a sunny spot.
  • Dead-head roses by snapping the stem just below the spent flower heads to encourage lots more blooms.
  • Sow biennials such as sweet Williams, Brompton stocks and foxgloves to flower in early summer next year.

Kitchen garden:

  • Save coriander seeds once they’ve turned papery brown and store them in a jar for a spicy curry flavouring.
  • Transplant seedling cabbages, Brussels sprouts and other brassicas from seedbeds to their final positions, firming in well.
  • Hoe onions regularly as they hate competition from weeds: go very carefully near the bulbs themselves, hand-weeding where necessary to avoid damage.

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