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Why it's NOT a good practice to use chemical products in your garden

Lisa Garden on 01-05-2018

It’s a common practice among many gardeners to use garden chemicals... However, do you ever wonder why many people advise stopping using chemical products?

Although chemical products can protect our garden from pests and insects and increase the yield, they also cause various negative side-effects. As the awareness about the harms of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is increasing, more and more people are turning to organic methods of gardening. Let’s take a look at the prominent reasons why you should try to stop using chemical gardening products:  


Environmental Impacts

Chemical weed killers and pesticides target the biggest nuisances in your garden; however, they also inflict certain negative impacts on the environment. These are made of toxic element that lead to erosion of soil and damage its fertility in the long run.

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers contaminate soil and groundwater. Pesticide residue adds to water and soil and becomes a great danger to humans and wildlife.

Some gardeners equip their gardens with sewage treatment plants in an attempt to get rid of toxins. However, some chemical elements are so strong that even the treatment plants cannot eliminate them. So, it’s best to use organic fertilizers and insecticides or purchase chemicals that are less toxic.


Health Effects

Even if you use top quality chemical weed killers, fertilizers, and pesticides, they can still create various health risks. Excessive use of chemicals in gardening can lead to severe health risks such as lung diseases, cancer, reproductive problems, and nervous system failure.

Those gardeners who use chemical products are more prone to suffer from such health issues. Therefore, it’s recommended to always wear safety equipment when working in garden. However, despite such safety measures, your health will still be at stake. When you breathe in polluted air or consume fruits and vegetable from a garden where chemical products are used, you’re likely to suffer.

If you want to protect your health as well as that of others around you, you should invest in organic gardening products. Not only are these products cost-effective, they’re also free from any negative side-effects.  


Effects on Crops

The use of chemical pesticides and insecticides in gardens significantly increased from 1940 to 1991. During this era, it was noticed that the level of minerals in soil decreased by up to 76%. As a consequence, fruit and vegetable crops lost their nutritional value.

These statistics alarmed many people and they started spreading awareness about the negative consequences of garden chemicals. Today, the use of chemicals has significantly reduced in many developed countries. However, it’s important to completely stop the use of chemicals around the globe and protect our environment and crops from potential threats.


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