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What to do in the garden in September:

30 August 2013
What to do in the garden in September:

What to do in the garden in September:

This is one of the most rewarding months of the year, with apples and pears fruiting abundantly, brilliantly colourful autumn flowers and the weather often better than what we optimistically call 'summer'! Make the most of it with our jobs this month:

General tasks:

  • Plant new trees and shrubs as there's still warmth in the ground and moisture in the air, so roots establish quickly.
  • Scarify lawns with a spring-tined rake to remove moss and dead foliage – your grass will bounce back revived.

Ornamental garden:

  • Plant out wallflowers for a dazzlingly colourful spring display: bare-root bunches are on sale now in our garden centre.
  • Plant spring bulbs for early colour: try crocuses, starry chionodoxa and grape hyacinths for a pretty display.
  • Move established shrubs so they get their roots down again before winter. Dig up as much rootball as possible and water in well.

Kitchen garden:

  • Dig over heavy soils before they become wet and unworkable. Turn clay over in clods, leaving them for the frost to break down.
  • Sow green manures on empty ground as winter protection: dig in the leafy growth next spring to inject nitrogen into your soil.
  • Store apples and pears on racks (available from our garden centre) keeping them separate to prevent rotting.