AL-KO Electric Capacitor 20UF 349827

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£ 22.25
EAN code: 3173721
Genuine AL-KO Electric Capacitor 20UF 349827Used in AL-KO Electric Lawnmowers, Chippers/Shredders & Aerator/ScarifiersSuitable for the following models;AL-KO3800VE AK11821638EH AK11736540E AK117364 AK120325420E AK11774742E AK11770748PE AK117195Austria 47E AK118528Baaco 460E AK120580BG-1300S AK117433BG-1800S AK117434CL46E AK120890 AK120235 AK120887Classic 1800 AK118028Classic 46BR AK120817Classic 46E AK120456 AK120596Classic 46ER AK118157Comfort 420E AK117685Comfort 47BR ZV AK118152Concord 18-35 AK104985Concord 3500E AK110544 AK117875Concord 40E AK110632Desert Power 460E AK120687Dynamic 1600 AK117326 AK104956Dynamic 1600R AK104949 AK104953 AK117359 AK117943Dynamic 1800R AK117549Dynamic 1800RS AK104958 AK104950Dynamic H1400 AK117110Dynamic H1600 AK117437Dynamic H1800 AK110041Dynamic H1800R AK110042 AK117524Dynamic H1800RS AK110043 AK117438Eco 1600 AK118177Euromat 1800RS AK117624Greencut 1300 AK117208H1600R OPP AK117227H1600S B&Q AK117442Herkules 50E AK120874Hitline 4416EL AK120995Hobbygro CL470E AK120294HUSQ 35-180 AK117811 AK117882 AK117883HVC430E AK120810KOS 50E AK121011New Tec 1300 AK117881New Tec 1400 EASYAR AK118058New Tec 1400 EASYCH AK118059New Tec 1400R AK110489New Tec 1600R AK110490 AK117416 AK117425 AK117428 AK117505 AK117940 AK117968 AK118228 AK118265 AK117418New Tec 1800R AK110525 AK117417 AK117420 AK117426 AK117912 AK118067 AK118227New Tec1800R MET AK118076Orga 480E AK120401Powerline 4000E AK121126Powerline 4700E AK118502Rasaero 40E AK117112Rasaero 40E Wertkauf AK117235Spagna CL45E AK120430Sunline 42E AK104773Top Tec 1500NT AK117955Top Tec 1700NT AK117956Top Tec 1800 AK118173Top Tec 1900NT AK117957BudgetBGH 1801 AK118000Caravan1800 AK118275Caravan NT1600R AK118274E-FlorScarifier 1538P AK118544Euro-DIY1645P ABS AK120898Garden TrendMD1400 AK117435Garden Trend MD1600R AK117436Gardol1600 Dynamic AK1176571800R Dynamic AK117658400E AK117183 AK1172044718ER AK118115Dynamic 1600 AK117048GeniusE 46-16 AK120125GingeClassic 46ER AK118191Ginge Dynamic 1800 AK117380Ginge New Tec 1800R AK117528Grüne WelleScarifier 36VE AK118415Master16-30 AK117007Orion1300 AK117718Orion 1600R AK118025Orion 40E AK117321Orion 460E AK120168 AK120198Orion 46E AK120857Orion Hagarin 460E AK120407Orion New Tec 1600R AK118064 1600R AK118065Secura1546E AK120213Sigma460E AK120116Sigma NL460LE AK120838Sigma SL45E AK120686Top Garden1600H AK117178Top Garden 1600HR AK117012Top Garden 4000E AK117173Top Garden H1600 AK117626Uniropa1300W AK118001Uniropa 1600 AK117616Uniropa 1800W AK117617Uniropa Scarifier 38VE AK118405AK117062AK117063

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