AL-KO Replacement OPC Cable (AK523378)

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EAN code: 3160139
Replacement AL-KO OPC (dead mans handle) cable AK523378Replaces 451762 Suitable for the following ALKO petrol lawnmowers; AL-KO42B AK104782 AK11770947BR Plus Jubilee AK11818747E AK11858647HW AK11894148B AK11737248BH AK11765448BH Intersp AK11726248BH Öbau AK11724948BHR AK117374 AK117480 AK11765548BR AK117491 AK11748848BS AK11737648H AK11765951BR AK119071460B-A Bio AK119389470BR AK119011470BRE AK119012470HW AK119080480BH AK117602480BHR AK117603480BHRE AK117604520BR AK119198 AK119079 AK119315520BRE AK119117520HW AK119082525HWS AK11908452HW AK118942Classic; 46BR AK12102852HW High Wheeler AK118942460BRE AK119078520BR AK119079520BRE AK119117520HW AK119082Bio 46 AK117930Comfort; 42B AK117917 AK11797042BR-A AK11950446BR AK11906947B AK117971 AK11815147BR AK11797247BR Bio AK11838147BR ZV AK11815251BR AK119071 AK119310 AK11938851BR-A AK119384420B AK117687Concord; 4200B AK117785Edition; 3.5B AK1183643.5BR AK1183653,5BZ AK1187624.0B AK1183624.0BR AK118363Euromat; 48B AK11762248BR AK117623Highline; 46.7P-A AK11980646.7SP-A AK11980851.7SP-A AK119812Premium; 470BR AK119312520BR AK119198Rasaero; 46BS AK11041748B AK117165 AK117490 AK11748748BH AK11747948BHR AK11789248BR AK117118 AK117166 AK11749248BRE AK117128480B AK110554 AK110554m480BR AK110555CL480B AK110557CL480BR AK110558Sunline; 444 AK118207460 Bio Lux AK118559Bio 460B AK110416Top; 3500H AK117267 AK117618Turbo Silent; H AK117259 AK117640HR AK117260 AK117641HRE AK117261 AK117642BrillSteeline Quatro 52XL R AK119368DehnerB47 AK118078B53 HESZ AK120916Gute Wahl 3.5B AK118419FleurelleB471 AK118434BA471 AK118107Gardol480BRE AK117229GingeClassic 46 Bio AK117756 AK117877 AK118261Classic 46SB AK117757Comfort 46 Bio AK117759avorit 468T AK118159Orion3,5B AK1184753,5BR AK11847646B AK118290 AK118423Top Garden4201B AK117809 AK1179814801BRZ AK1179834802B AK118259Uniropa40B AK12112546B AK11848346BR AK11848447B AK11839747BR AK118399Pro 47B AK118398Pro 47BR AK118400

Unfortunately, the AL-KO Replacement OPC Cable (AK523378) is currently not available.

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