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The RHS Bridgewater garden volunteers

Lisa Garden on 24-10-2017

You might have heard or read about the Royal Horticultural Society garden Bridgewater. After all, it is the largest gardening project in Europe, the Society’s fifth and, moreover, first new garden in 17 years! The new garden will be realised on the grounds of a former Victorian manor in Salford. Once a grand formal garden, it will be a challenge for the Society to bring back what it once was while also making it relevant to the 21st century, according to Tim Upson, RHS director of Horticulture. Exciting times for Salford and Greater Manchester and beyond, but we’re going to have to be patient… With 62 hectares to fulfil, the garden is expected to be open for visitors in 2020. Obviously, it takes time to create a world-class garden including perennial beds, walled gardens, a new lake, woodlands, sweeping meadows and redesigned terraces. But whom are going to do all this? In this video, the Royal Horticultural Society introduces its volunteers and their motivations:

As said in the video, the garden will function as a great attraction for the local community of Salford and Greater Manchester, but will most definitely also attract outsiders. Moreover, plans are to also include a new school learning centre to increase the horticultural knowledge of children and teenagers. If so, we expect the garden to be very beneficial for the future. More information? Read more about this project here.