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In the 1980s, Bob and Dorothy Gault initiated the establishment of Klondyke Garden Centres, now recognized as the United Kingdom's largest family-owned and independent group of garden centres. Commencing with modest origins in a solitary greenhouse located in Kirkintilloch, the couple laid the foundation for the enterprise.

The journey began when they acquired a struggling garden centre site as a base for their camping supplies company. Displaying their adept green thumbs and strategic vision, the Gaults successfully nurtured the garden centre, leading to its eventual prosperity. Over time, the enterprise expanded from its initial establishment to encompass a network of 22 garden centres spanning Scotland, Northern England, and Wales.

The Scottish-based centres, numbering six, operate under the banner of Klondyke Garden Centres. In England and Wales, an additional 18 garden centres function under the name of Strikes Garden Centres. This nomenclature resulted from a merger in 1996 with another family-run garden centre group, William Strike Ltd. The collective growth and success of these centres underscore Klondyke Garden Centres' prominence within the horticultural retail sector.

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