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Enfield Garden Centre

Cattelgate Road
Crews Hill, EN2 9DX

020 8367 0422[email protected]

Capel Manor, one of the UK's foremost horticultural colleges, and Middleton House lie just around the corner, both with famously beautiful gardens, whilst of the nearly 30 horticultural businesses in Crews Hill itself, Enfield is one of the most popular.

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enfield 2012-05-07 23:37:16

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I bought a bag of chicken mash today. There was a 20 kg bag and a 5 kg bag. The 20 kg bag did not have a price on it. There were no staff around to ask for assistance so proceeded to the exit and asked for assistance at the till ie the price. Unfortunately, the assistant could not help as would have to leave the till. Not the best customer service, i am afraid. This was a small issue compared to my suprise on returning home. I opened the bag of chicken mash to find it to be a bag of flying ants! I have sealed the bag and placed in the garage. I cannot dream of bringing the bag back as would have to transport it in my little smart car and could not even consider it as an option.

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