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B&Q stands as the premier destination for home improvement and garden needs, holding the distinguished title of being Europe's leading retailer in this domain and ranking as the third largest globally. The company has expanded its influence internationally, boasting a network of over 60 stores worldwide, including the illustrious B&Q Beijing – now recognized as the largest B&Q store across the globe. Domestically, B&Q maintains a formidable presence with 350 stores in the UK and an additional 9 in Ireland.

At the forefront of sustainable retail practices, B&Q's eco-flagship store in New Malden exemplifies the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. This store integrates cutting-edge features such as 108 underground bore holes, each delving 100 metres deep, harnessing the Earth's energy to heat and cool the establishment. Other eco-friendly initiatives include rainwater harvesting, solar thermal water heating panels, and a green roof adorned with sedum.

Whether stepping into a physical store or exploring the offerings on, the B&Q experience remains consistent. The vast array of products caters to every aspect of home improvement, both indoors and outdoors. For avid gardeners and outdoor DIY enthusiasts, B&Q presents an extensive selection of gardening power tools, hand tools, lawnmowers, and storage sheds. Those who prefer leisurely moments in the sun can explore options like gas barbecues, garden furniture, parasols, and more. B&Q provides not only a comprehensive product range but also invaluable resources such as guides, inspiration, and buyer's guides to assist customers in their projects.

For a seamless shopping experience, whether browsing in-store or online, visit B&Q's online store today to discover everything needed for home improvement projects.

Visit B&Q's online store to find what you're looking for today.  

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